It is important to know that over 20 states have laws that prevent dogs from riding in the car without being restrained. Yours could be one of them. Anyway, it’s a great idea to secure your beloved doggie while in your vehicle.

Here are some ideas:

  • Car Barrier- these are designed to keep the dog from getting to the driver. They can be metal, plastic, or mesh. They are great for larger dogs.
  • Safety Harness- this is an excellent system from preventing harm to your dog due to fast stops.
  • Plastic or metal crates- These make great spaces for your dog to safely be contained in your car. They may offer comfort and familiarity for your dog especially if you put a blanket or a safe toy with them.
  • Booster Seats- Is your dog tiny or a toy dog? These may be the perfect safety solution for your little traveler. It keeps your friend higher up so they can see outside while keeping them safe from fast stops.

Now go and enjoy your trip!