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Tick Tock- Time to Start Checking for Ticks

Although some of these creepy critters might survive during the cold season; Spring, Summer, and Fall are the perfect seasons for these problematic little creatures, especially in wooded areas, tall grasses, and even at the beach. Fortunately for your pet, it has an owner that has the habit of visually checking and feeling for ticks.

Tips with dealing with Ticks:

  • Tweezers are good, fire is bad. It is bad business to burn a tick off. Period. You may end up burning you, your dog, or both.
  • Step 1-put rubbing alcohol on the tick to loosen its hold.
  • Step 2-Grab the head of the tick with the tweezers and pull out straight.
  • Step 3-Apply rubbing alcohol on the infected area and then a little antibiotic ointment.
  • Your dog may have a slight bump but that should go away in a bit.
  • Any concern, let your veterinarian know.

But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure here:

1.    Use a topical monthly ointment to deter and kill ticks and fleas.

2.    A 6 month flea and tick collar might be the perfect match for your dog.

3.    Or a once a month dog chews to prevent ticks and fleas.

4.    And get your dog vaccinated from Lyme Disease.

Dogs love to play outside and having a good habit of checking and preventing ticks is a great benefit.