Teeth Brushing 101- 4 Tips for Your Dog’s Teeth

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Teeth Brushing 101- 4 Tips for Your Dog’s Teeth

Yes, it is important to have an annual dental health checkup for your doggie.  In fact, it’s a must!  But nothing beats daily brushing of your dog’s teeth and gums. And you, doggie parent, are the ones to do it.  Here is a quick overview of how to do it the no muss no fuss kind of way.

Be patient. Start with just a few seconds at a time and build up to one minute. Remember, this can be a great bonding time with your pet once you get your dog familiar with the routine.

Tip 1- Learn to brush your dog’s teeth. Start off by using a toothbrush made for a dog. And only get toothpaste specifically for your dog. The toothpaste comes in beef, chicken, or peanut butter flavor.

Tip 2- Patience is a virtue here. Think of it as 4 steps.  For a couple of days you let the dog lick a small dab of dog toothpaste from your finger. Next you rub a small amount of toothpaste on the inside of their cheek. Then, once they are comfortable with the toothpaste and they look forward to it, you put a little on the doggy toothbrush. You may only be able to gently brush your dog’s teeth for a few seconds at first.  Then build up to more time adding a few seconds every day. Try to get to a minute.

Tip 3- In addition to or in case you are unable to brush your dog’s teeth, you can purchase dog food designed specifically to improve dental health for your dog.

Tip 4- For extra support, you can get your dog dental toys and dental chews. There are many products now out that can assist you in your quest for your dog’s best dental health.

Remember, always talk to your veterinarian first about starting any new plan. And this will have you and your dog smiling your best smiles.