What should doggie parents do 3 times a week?

Answer: Detangle and Brush your pooch’s coat.

This is a good time to bond with your dog while watching your favorite Netflix show. And if you’re not in the habit of brushing your dog, be patient. Have a few treats nearby to reward your dog’s best effort. And in time, your dog will learn to love it. Start off with a few seconds and build up to your dog allowing you to brush his entire body.

And now adays there are some great product ideas to make this task a whole lot easier on you and more enjoyable for your beloved dog.

  1. Dog Combs- there are many out there appropriate for your dog’s breed and coat. Get the one that is right for them. Remember, be gentle. Sometimes the comb can be a little sharp and pointy.  It’s more about progress than perfection.
  2. Undercoat rake- Must have tool for a dog with long and short fur.
  3. Slicker brush- A thin wire brush perfect for everyday use.
  4. For any hairy situation, think about a professional groomer. They’ve seen it all and if necessary, the dog can have an all over cut.

At this point, your dog might be considered too cool for school with an all over cut.

And remember…

Enjoy your time together!