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Dog Stare 102 – Attention

While some staring is a sign of love and affection, other staring is predominantly attention based. Meaning, they are trying to communicate something to you other than love. Dog behavioralists suggests that starring signals cues to the owner like:

  • “Hey, I have to go to the bathroom!”
  • “Hey, I need some food!”
  • “Hey, my water bowl is empty and I’m thirsty!”
  • “Hey, aren’t we ready for play time?”
  • “Hey, I might be down for a walk!”
  • “Hey, is that your deceased great aunt in the corner?” (for you paranormal caught on camera fans)

So, consider these cues as a sign of communication that your dog is offering you. How well you respond to these cues can determine a happy life with your beloved companion.

One last thing on staring….

Perhaps your dog is in a state of fear or aggression from another dog or person. If you notice your dog is staring at another dog, it might mean that your dog is fearful and might need to be taken out of the situation.