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Dog Park 101-Minding Your Dog’s Manners

Just like school, you don’t want to send your pooch to the dog park if they are sick, under the weather, or unvaccinated.  A healthy dog is a happy playful dog.

Your dog doesn’t have to wear a uniform to this playground. In fact, your dog should be dressed simple so not to get snagged on all the new obstacles, fences, or even other dogs. Keep the fancy stuff behind and keep it basic and simple. Your dog must have a good strong safe collar and always keep their leash close by.

As your pooch’s parent, it is important to know your pets body language and watch for signs of overwhelm, fear, aggression, and over excitement. Christine knew her dog was in over his Wheaton Terrier head when a Mastiff joined the fun and Elliott’s fur stood straight up. Her pooch was fearful and needed to be removed from the situation and end the recess early.

Some no no’s to be considered are:

  • Toys – pets may not want to share their own toys from home. And they are at the Dog Park to experience something new.
  • Tots- tots or toddlers inside the dog park are no match for some large breed dogs that might not have the manners that your pooch has.

Some yeses to be considered are:

  • Fresh Water- many dog parks don’t have readily available water sources.
  • Water Bowl- a non-breaking portable water bowl is perfect for the dog park.
  • Yummy Treats- consider this time to be a fun time for your dog. Training and training treats can come later.
  • BYOBB- Bring Your Own Business Bags! That’s right. Sometimes dog parks have them and sometimes they don’t. And even when your dog park does carry the bags, they may be out. So, it is up to the individual owners to keep the dog park looking great by picking up their dog’s business. Almost everyone would agree that it is good manners to scoop the poop.

Now enjoy your dog.

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