As our beloved pets age, there comes a time when we decide as good pet owners to help our pets stay healthy and active during their golden years. And, with just a few modifications, your house can be senior proofed for your dog.

  1. Softer Chew Toys- Yes your pet still loves to play tug of war with you. But now look for chew toys and tug toys that are softer and easier on your pooch’s teeth and gums.
  2. Smart Toys- Toys that stimulate their minds but won’t compromise their joints.
  3. P Pads for Your Pooch- Providing a place for your pet to pee in case he can’t make it outside is the easiest and kindest solution for everyone in the household. It’s better to have a designated spot. Don’t think of it as a step backwards in training. Think of it as providing a senior environment for your aging dog.
  4. Pet Stairs- If your dog is having a hard time jumping on the sofa or your bed, and you still want that cuddle time, the best thing to do is get your dog some stairs with deep steps with an anti-skid surface or carpeting.
  5. Dog Ramps- At some point, you may notice your dog is avoiding stairs all together. The dog ramp with a non-slip surface is a good solution. Make sure you get the one appropriate for your dog’s weight and size and the right length for what you are using it for.
  6. Dog Gates- This is to prevent the dog from falling down the stairs.
  7. Dog Strollers- This is a great option for dogs who love to go out but can no longer handle the walks. They come in a variety of styles depending on the bread and size of your dog and what you want to use it for. Are you a runner or do you just want to go on a gentle walk with your dog?
  8. Soft Beds and Crate Pads- Now that your dog is getting older, make sure where she sleeps and relaxes is as comfortable and soft as possible for her aching joints and bones.
  9. Wheelchair- Sometimes are senior pets need even more help with mobility and getting a wheelchair designed for them can do the trick. You might even be surprised how fast and independent your dog is with his new wheels.
  10. Raised Water and Food Bowl- As your dog gets older, they might need to have their water and food bowls off the ground. This helps with any neck discomfort.

You may find that your aging dog doesn’t need all this modifications, but just a few could make their lives better and them happier.